Activity details and schedule subject to change.

Daily Marine Naturalist Presentations

Schedule subject to change without notice.


9:30 Shallow Reef
10:15 Deep Reef
10:30 Shallow Reef
10:30 Turtle Lagoon
11:00 Open Ocean (Dive Presentation)
11:15 Tide Pool
11:30 Shallow Reef
11:45 Hammerhead Harbor
12:00 Deep Reef
1:00 Open Ocean
1:15 Tide Pool
1:30 Shallow Reef
1:45 Hammerhead Harbor
2:15 Tide Pool
2:30 Turtle Lagoon
2:30 Shallow Reef
3:00 Open Ocean (Dive Presentation)
3:00 Deep Reef
3:30 Shallow Reef


Sea Talk Series

Enjoy intriguing presentations with topics varying from marine biology, oceanic sciences, Hawaiian culture, to current Maui issues and more, during Maui Ocean Center’s complimentary Sea Talk Series. Presenters from the Maui community and from around the globe include renowned marine biologists, experts in Hawaiian culture and The Hawaiian Aquarium’s knowledgeable team members. Maui Ocean Center hosts complimentary Sea Talks several times throughout the year at the Open Ocean exhibit.

Seating is limited; reservations are highly recommended. Call 808-270-7088.

Sea Talk Videos