Maui Ocean Center Store Offers
The Island's Most Unique Treasures

MA'ALAEA, Maui, Hawai'i - As if King Neptune himself assembled the riches of the sea, the Maui Ocean Center Store is a veritable treasure chest filled with the island’s most unique and inspiring gifts and collectables. Located in the heart of the Hawaiian Aquarium, a visit to this exciting 6,000 square foot shopping destination can be an unforgettable experience.

A popular attraction for visitors of all ages, the Maui Ocean Center Store complements the marine park’s overall experience. A myriad of plush and collectable animal species, postcards, and nature books become the perfect souvenir of one’s visit. So too, are the dazzling array of fine artwork, jewelry and Hawaiiana created by some of the island’s most prominent artists. The book and DVD section has a voluminous collection of aquatic and Hawaiiana related titles, and new items are constantly being added. The extensive children’s section includes fun and educational toys, games and books, and even has a ‘Cave of Imagination’ with glow-in-the-dark goodies for all. The year-round collection of unique and collectable Christmas ornaments is very popular with visitors and residents alike.

Marine Fossil Collection
Over the past few years, Maui Ocean Center Store has created one the biggest marine fossil collections for sale in the United States.  Currently available are marine fossils from around the world, including the US, Canada, Germany, Russia, Lebanon and Madagascar.  The fossils range in price from $2.50 all the way up to $25,000.00 for a beautiful crinoid specimen.  “If you collect trilobites or ammonites, we have it, and if you do not see what you are looking for, we have the connections around the world to source out unique items that are not readily available,” stated Tapani Vuori, Retail Director.  “Also, check out the ammonites in pyrite matrix from Russia, they are absolutely beautiful.”

Works by Master Artists Inspired by Nature
At the Maui Ocean Center Store, Maui’s reputation as an artists’ mecca is celebrated.  Works by nationally acclaimed local and mainland artists inspire and enthrall visitors with their vibrant colors, enduring craftsmanship and infinite creativity.  Among the master artists represented at the Maui Ocean Center Store as of today are:

Denny Wong – Award-winning designer, Denny Wong, who has been recognized for his fine work by the Hawaii Jewelers Association, started designing jewelry in 1981.  The hallmark of all his pieces are workmanship, detail and quality.  His innovative creations have won numerous awards, listed at www.dennywong.com/awards.html, and have been featured in newspaper and international jewelry magazines.  Denny has made Hawaii his home since 1974 and through his passion of jewelry design and love for the islands, he has created many fine lines of jewelry associated with Hawaii.

His executive line of Hawaiian jewelry has pleased many patrons.  Other fine pieces featuring tropical flowers, whales, dolphins, marine life, Tahitian pearls and other gem stones come alive in his designs.

Richard Satava – A master glassblower, Richard uses ancient techniques to create nature-inspired designs in hand-blown glass, by carefully combining the highest degree of technical skills and artistic creativity.  He is well known for his vivid colors and unique portrayal of nature.  Richard’s works are included in numerous public and private collections throughout the World.

Pandora Jewelry – Pandora is a universe of jewelry that allows women all over the World to express their own personal style.  Pandora has made a huge splash on magazines like Harpers Bazaar in Australia and American Glamour Magazine in North America with, among other things, its popular charms bracelet.  This has given women throughout the World the chance to wear their own personal testimonial to life’s unforgettable moments.  Take, for instance, a beautifully decorated cake for a child’s first birthday, a plump heart for that undying love affair or a little suitcase for an exotic holiday – these are just some of the symbols that can be collected on Pandora’s famous bracelets and necklaces.  New trendy motifs are created for each new collection that tell a little story about life’s big moments.  From the very beginning, we set out to inspire and be inspired by all women interested in creating their own style and telling their own unique story.  A piece of Pandora jewelry is a woman’s signature.  This is why we have created a large selection of matching jewelry in 14K and silver, so women can match their mood and style, whether it is romantic and dreamy, casual jeans with a touch of elegance or an evening gown and high heels.

Open 9am to 5pm daily, 9am to 6pm in July and August, Maui Ocean Center Store is a must-visit for those seeking the ultimate island gift.  Access to the Maui Ocean Center Store is available without admission to the park through the front gate.  Call the store at 808.270.7061 or e-mail shop@mauioceancenter.com.