Experience VIP treatment with a private tour led by a marine naturalist. Choose from any of the following fun and educational one-hour tours.  Each tour is $100 plus tax for groups of 1-9 guests and $150 plus tax for groups of 10-20 guests. One (1) naturalist per 20 tour participants.

“Explore with an Expert” Tour

“Explore with an Expert” tours are a series of specialized guided tours exclusively for you! Led by an Ocean Naturalist, discover fascinating facts about marine animals such as tropical reef fish, live coral, invertebrates and focus on the exhibits that best illustrate and describe these amazing animals. Special interest tours or custom tours available.

“Sharks and Turtles” Tour

Participants will have a fin-tastic time on the exclusive “Sharks and Turtles” tour package highlighting the many fascinating facts about sharks and sea turtles in Hawaii. The tours are led by an Ocean Naturalist guide and include a supervised feeding at Nursery Bay and Turtle Lagoon.

“Spectacular Sharks” Tour

Participants seeking an enhanced experience will enjoy the “Spectacular Sharks” Tour. This is the perfect opportunity to separate fact from fiction about these charismatic creatures. Beginning in the Open Ocean exhibit, home to over 20 sharks, you will learn how to identify the shark species and explore why the shark is so important. The tour is led by an Ocean Naturalist guide and includes a feeding at the Nursery Bay.