Year: 2016

Reflecting on a Banner Year

December 30, 2016

December is often a time to reflect, and for the team at the Maui Ocean Center this is particularly relevant as 2016 was a year of remembering the past as well as crafting a new path forward.

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No Gravy with this Turkey

November 25, 2016

In the midst of holidays we often find a turkey at the center of the dinner table, but in the case of the Hawaiian turkeyfish, you’re best to leave the gravy and mashed potatoes at home.

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Symbiotic Relationships

November 09, 2016

Author: Evan Pascual As we head into the holiday season, many people take the time to appreciate what they have in their lives while looking for ways to help those in need. But what about those little creatures that live in the sea? While they may not be able to say thank you, they definitely […]

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Hawaii is world-renowned for its beautiful beaches and frequently pictured as an ideal paradise. Despite being an island, Maui, like its neighbors, is susceptible to pressures including litter and other man-made debris that flows downstream and is deposited onto our beaches. Nevertheless, the good news is we can mitigate and even prevent these harmful additions to our marine environment.

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The Honu’s Lost Years

August 08, 2016

A lot remains unknown during the “Lost Years” of a Hawaiian’s green sea turtle’s life, a period of drifting through the ocean.

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Planting Kalo

July 14, 2016

Author: Evan Pascual On Friday July 8th, Maui Ocean Center celebrated the planting of kalo, the Hawaiian name for taro. Taro is a vegetable plant, producing a starchy tuber oftentimes used to make poi. Kalo requires great cultivation and care; Hawaiian culture describes the relationship between farmers and their kalo as if the plants were […]

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As hungry humpback whales begin heading north to feast on krill and other delicacies, whale season comes to an end here in Hawaii. But what exactly is krill and how sustainable of a food source is it?

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Unless one is diving or snorkeling on a regular basis, it’s all too easy to forget how incredible the marine life in the surrounding ocean truly is. Busy with our own lives, we can lose our sense of wonder and start taking these marvels for granted.

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Humpback Whale Behavior Guide

February 07, 2016
Humpback Whale Breach - Pam Daoust

Here is your ultimate whale watching guide to humpback whale behaviors!

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