Year: 2017

The Ocean’s Canvas

June 02, 2017

When Brian Heustis moved from Aruba to Maui in the early 90’s, he eventually discovered an art form that was generally unknown by the rest of the United States. Like many artists before him, Brian experienced Hawaii’s unique fusion of cultures that brings together art styles from around the world. For those with a creative mind, Hawaii is an artist’s paradise and its pristine waters offer an endless canvass for artistic inspiration and expression.

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Seascape Cookbook

May 11, 2017

What do you get when you combine two iconic Hawaiian ingredients? A timeless dish that’s guaranteed to “broke da mouth”. This easy-to-follow recipe brings together two classic ingredients, fresh mahimahi and macadamia nut, to create a beautiful entree that captures the Hawaiian flavor palate.

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Illuminating the Past

May 08, 2017
Kukui nut tree

The kukui nut, or candlenut, is one of nature’s engineering marvels used by Hawaiians for centuries. Go back in time and learn how kukui nuts were used in fishing traditions, medicinal applications, and more!

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Your ultimate guide to viewing sharks at Maui Ocean Center. Of the 40 shark species found in Hawaii, six are frequently on exhibit at the Aquarium. Learn about the different ways you can encounter sharks on your next visit!

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Kimi Werner

April 20, 2017

A local Maui girl, U.S. National Spearfishing Champion, certified culinary chef, award winning artist – there’s nothing short of amazing in the life of Kimi Werner. But for someone who has accomplished so much and ascended to the top of the free diving world, you’ll never come across someone as authentic and down to earth as Kimi.

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Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp

Anemone wielding, armor plated, bug-eyed aliens of the sea – what’s not to love about crustaceans?

The word crustacean may sound boring, but our bottom-dwelling friends are far from it! While turtles, dolphins, and whales have won the hearts of Hawaii’s residents and visitors, it’s easy to overlook our crabby friends tucked away in the reef. The thought of people being uninterested in crustaceans or unaware of their amazing abilities creates heartbreak and many restless nights for our team of marine naturalists. To remedy this dilemma, here are our staff’s top six picks to convince you that crustaceans are truly fascinating creatures!

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Sea Shepherds

April 10, 2017

Lawai‘a were highly skilled and greatly respected in Hawaiian society. They were trained to understand cloud formations, ocean currents and wind direction, moon phases, and star patterns. But the lawai‘a did not always look to the sky to find fish – the answer would often come with the aid of the ‘ōpelu māmā.

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If you could go back to 1998, Maui would look a lot different than it does today: Lahaina is surrounded by sugar cane, Aloha Airlines flies overhead, and gas is only $1.64 per gallon. In the spring, Maui was about to get its first Aquarium. The new 3-acre Maui Ocean Center would open in Ma‘alaea, creating a new window into Hawaii’s underwater world. Over the next 19 years, Maui Ocean Center would witness waves of change in the surrounding marine habitats.

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While many of us struggle to get out of bed in the morning, a team of curators are already working hard at preparing Maui Ocean Center to open. Learn more about what’s known around here as morning maintenance.

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Humpback Whale Competition Pod

As the countdown to Valentine’s Day begins you may sense that love is in the air, but for one of the ocean’s largest swooners, the season of love has already been in full-swing.

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