Maui Ocean Center

Since opening its doors in 1998, Maui Ocean Center has drawn thousands of visitors of all ages from around the globe to discover Hawaii’s undersea world in a captivating and educational setting. Aptly termed “The Aquarium of Hawaii”, this attraction faithfully replicates the natural ocean ecosystem, where visitors encounter only animals that live in Hawaii (many of which are found nowhere else in the world) and highlights the close relationship that exists between Hawaiians and the Sea. Featuring one of the largest collections of live Pacific corals in the world, and over 60 exhibits, including interpretive displays, outdoor tide pools, and a 750,000-gallon Open Ocean exhibit with 240-degree view acrylic tunnel, the marine park is designed to help visitors develop an understanding and appreciation of Hawaii’s marine environment and local culture.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

To conserve and sustain Hawaii’s marine life for future generations through education and stewardship.

To foster understanding, wonder, and respect for Hawaii’s Marine Life.

We believe in respect for the Ocean
We believe in integrity
We believe in being passionate about what we do and represent
We believe in transparency and accountability that starts with ourselves
We believe in education that inspires, connects, and engages
We believe in healthy & sustainable environment. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE
We believe in leaving a positive legacy for future generations
We believe in our commitment to our employees and their families and the Marine Life in our care

With the mission to foster an understanding, wonder and respect for Hawaii’s marine life, all animals at Maui Ocean Center are meticulously collected and cared for by an expert team of marine biologists, divers and aquarists. Collection is conducted under strict permits with the Hawaii State Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Aquatic Resources and under the guidance of Hawaiian cultural adviser, Kahu (caretaker) Dane Maxwell.

Maui Ocean Center is respectfully in compliance with a County of Maui ordinance prohibiting the exhibit of cetaceans (whales and dolphins). Discover these fascinating mammals, along with monk seals through interpretive displays in the Marine Mammal Discovery Center.

Hawaiian Cultural Heritage

Dedicated to perpetuating and sharing the island’s host culture, Maui Ocean Center maintains a close relationship with Hawaiian practitioners in the community. With the guidance of Kahu Dane Maxwell, the Aquarium integrates Hawaiian culture in presentations, exhibits, special events, and also in the marine park’s standard of operations and service.  Kahu Dane Maxwell presides over blessings of important functions and facilities, as well as blessings of marine animals such as the honu (Hawaiian green sea turtle) or manō (shark).

The Hawaiians and the Sea exhibit remains one of the highlights of the facility.  Various cultural advisors and members of the community have contributed to the exhibit so that visitors may better understand the intimate relationship between the Hawaiian people and the sea. The collective result is a unique learning experience and a delightful immersion into Hawaii’s rich cultural history.

Coral World International

Born of a passion for the sea and the wonders of tropical fish and coral reefs, the Coral World marine parks are a labor of love. Touched with a steadfast belief that they could capture the excitement of the world below the tropical waters, and bring it to the awareness of the public at large, these enthusiasts have created a new phenomenon in marine observation.

For more than two decades, Coral World has been the world leader in underwater viewing systems. The company has developed the only undersea observatories in the Western hemisphere and in the Red Sea. Two of the company’s marine parks include the world’s longest underwater acrylic tunnels.

In addition, Coral World’s tropical displays are recognized as the most beautiful in the world. The company specializes in creating ecologically friendly tropical life systems in symbiotic environments. These systems are planned with an eye to accuracy and detail, and are carefully designed to ensure the perfect combination of fascination, aesthetics, conservation and education.

Coral World marine parks; Maui Ocean Center – Maui, Hawaii, The Underwater Observatory – Eilat, Israel, Palma Aquarium – Palma de Mallorca, Spain and AQWA – Perth, Australia are truly in a class all of their own. More than twenty years of experience have left Coral World’s veteran staff with the advantage of an immense body of accumulated knowledge. The professionals of Coral World are at home in seas around the world, from the Indian and Pacific Oceans to the Red and Caribbean Seas, a network of diversified expertise unmatched by anyone else in this field.

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