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Turtle Hatchlings Arrive at Maui Ocean Center

September 12, 2018
Turtle Hatchlings

Maui Ocean Center is proud to announce the newest addition to its sea turtle ‘ohana: six Hawaiian green sea turtle hatchlings. The hatchlings were relocated from a nesting colony at Sea Life Park Hawaii to the Aquarium where they will reside for the next two years as ambassadors of their species until their release to the ocean.

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The Yellow Brick Road

January 02, 2018
Yellow Tangs HPU Oceanic Institute 12.18.17-2 (web)

Yellow tangs from HPU’s Ocean Institute represent an advancement in marine aquaculture technology, as well as an economic and conservation opportunity for Hawaii’s reef ecosystems. On December 18, 2017, Maui Ocean Center received its first generation of captive-bred yellow tangs to exhibit at the Aquarium to raise awareness about their species and the developing role of aquaculture in aquarium keeping.

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Sea Jelly or Sea Zombie?

October 20, 2017
Sea Zombies

Author: Evan Pascual October welcomes the Halloween season, a time to conjure up your best costume and adorn your house with carved pumpkins. But beneath the sea, our marine life friends don’t need a mask to put on a fright. Many of them naturally evoke the mysteriousness and eeriness of the Halloween spirit.   Lurking […]

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The Coral Renaissance

July 03, 2017

Under a sky of fluorescent lights, young corals rest in a trough of seawater. The only sounds are of flowing water and bubbles churning at the surface. But all is calm in this sanctuary known as the Aquarium Lab where Hawaiian corals grow unrestricted by the barriers of climate change or dangers posed by anthropogenic influences. While they currently live in a controlled environment, these corals are being groomed for a special purpose and mission.

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If you could go back to 1998, Maui would look a lot different than it does today: Lahaina is surrounded by sugar cane, Aloha Airlines flies overhead, and gas is only $1.64 per gallon. In the spring, Maui was about to get its first Aquarium. The new 3-acre Maui Ocean Center would open in Ma‘alaea, creating a new window into Hawaii’s underwater world. Over the next 19 years, Maui Ocean Center would witness waves of change in the surrounding marine habitats.

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While many of us struggle to get out of bed in the morning, a team of curators are already working hard at preparing Maui Ocean Center to open. Learn more about what’s known around here as morning maintenance.

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Coral Bleaching

October 12, 2015

If you were ever in search of a cool dip in the ocean to relieve you from the heat this summer, you may have been disappointed to find that the waters felt more like a luke warm bath rather than the comforting oasis you imagined it would be. Record-high summer temperatures have been felt across […]

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Behind-the-scenes can be an exciting place to be! Although rarely accessible to the general public, this area was opened to a few scientists in 2014 to facilitate studies on different types of sea urchins. In March, Jason Hodin In March, scientist Jason Hodin conducted an experiment at Maui Ocean Center to study the metamorphic stages […]

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How is it that an organism comprised of 95% water which also has no head, no heart and no brain turn out to be such a complex and interesting creature?   Consider the moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) with its large saucer shaped transparent bell. Thought to have been accidentally introduced to the Hawaiian Islands, it now […]

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