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Rice Corals Spawn at Maui Ocean Center

July 18, 2018
Coral Spawning Photo by Pauline Fiene

On Thursday, July 12, guests at Maui Ocean Center’s Incredible Corals: Night at the Reef event witnessed one of nature’s rarely seen phenomenon – coral spawning. (Photo by Pauline Fiene)

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Maui Fishpond

Maui Ocean Center and Maui Fishpond Association’s new Cultural Canoe Tour and Aquarium Package offers a unique Hawaiian cultural and ocean-centric learning experience.

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The Summer ‘Oama Run

July 02, 2018

Every summer, local families and anglers anxiously wait for the return of ‘oama in the thousands. ‘Oama fishing is a timeless tradition in Hawaii, a pastime that brings friends and families together for a memorable day on the water.

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Construction of the new Humpbacks of Hawaii Exhibit Hall and 3D Dome Theater continues through the summer. View the recently inflated PVC balloon-like structure that will house the 3D theater.

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Storm Drain Stencil

Maui Ocean Center joins West Maui Kumuwai to stencil storm drains around West Maui to raise awareness about storm drain runoff and its impact to coral reefs. Learn about this new initiative and what you can do to help!

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