School Field Trips

Journey through Maui Ocean Center, but take more than just photographs home with you. Our goal at the Aquarium is to create a lifelong bond between people and the ocean, through education of the ocean environment that surrounds us.

Field trips are a great way to learn. Maui Ocean Center offers self-guided field trips throughout the year for grades pre-K through college. To be eligible for field trip rates, visits by the school group must be in conjunction with a regularly scheduled class as required by school curriculum, in which the students receive a grade or academic credit.

Booking a Field Trip

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Homeschool Groups

Homeschool groups must have a copy of their Letter of Intent to Homeschool, or other documentation that supports homeschool recognition. Without this supporting documentation and approval from the Education manager, any discounted or free admissions will not apply.

Youth and Other Groups

Includes after school programs, extra-curricular school clubs, musical groups, youth programs, day-care affiliated programs, sports teams, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and other non-accredited groups. These types of groups are eligible for Day Youth Group Admission. For details and rates call 808-270-7088.