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Maui Ocean Center Welcomes Jada Olson and Clinton Langham to Marketing Department

AUGUST 24, 2021, MA‘ALAEA, MAUI, HAWAIʻI – Maui Ocean Center, The Aquarium of Hawai‘i, has appointed Jada Olson as their new Content and Copy Writer and Clinton Langham as their new Digital Specialist. 

“We are excited to welcome Jada and Clinton to the team at Maui Ocean Center,” said Maui Ocean Center’s General Manager, Tapani Vuori. “We are always seeking to inspire and educate the public about the importance of marine life conservation, and we are happy to have both a passionate writer and digital specialist on board who are aligned with our vision to share this message. Our island community and its environment are the reasons we are here today, and they will be the voices for the awareness we are hoping to spread to our guests and beyond.”

Olson and Langham will join Toni Rojas’ marketing team and work together to create powerful brand messaging. Olson will provide a fresh voice to all written aspects of Maui Ocean Center and represent the aquarium’s message of conservation, sustainability, and education. Langham will continue to build Maui Ocean Center’s online and social presence and help to drive MOC’s digital strategy and engagement to the next level.

Olson comes from a diverse background full of different experiences in the digital world. From social media management to freelance writing, she is well-versed in appealing to different audiences across multiple platforms. Since childhood, Olson has been passionate about her craft — seeking ways to share her point of view with the world through storytelling.

Langham has spent the last 20 years developing unique solutions across various industries utilizing his BFA in user-driven design, computer science, and educational training. With each new challenge, he’s acquired the skills and insight required to create meaningful interactions. Langham’s commitment to flexible, progressive solutions to stimulate innovation and drive growth will be invaluable to Maui Ocean Center’s marketing team. 

These talented individuals are both welcome additions to Maui Ocean Center. They will apply their unique skills to create a robust approach within the marketing department to educate the public on the importance of Hawaiʻi’s marine life and the conservation efforts that can make all the difference in the future of our island home.