Maui Ocean Center Takes Virtual Plunge into Underwater World of Hawaiʻi’s Humpbacks

February 10, 2019, WAILUKU, MAUI, HAWAIʻI – Maui Ocean Center today held a blessing in celebration of the grand opening of its “Humpbacks of Hawaiʻi” Exhibit & Sphere. The first-of-its-kind-in Hawaiʻi 3D sphere cost several million dollars to develop and marks a new era in the confluence of technology and marine observation, using underwater videography and 3D imaging to give viewers a glimpse at these creatures’ behaviors beneath the surface.

“Our exhibit allows people to get up close and personal with humpback whales, virtually swimming alongside them without disturbing the delicate ecosystem of Hawaiʻi’s oceans,” said Tapani Vuori, General Manager, Maui Ocean Center. “The experience stirs emotions that foster a commitment to preservation and spreads awareness of the complex social lives and migrations of whales throughout Hawaiʻi and the world.”

Humpbacks of Hawai'i

“”The Humpbacks of Hawaiʻi” Exhibit & Sphere goes beyond whale-watching, providing insights and knowledge about Maui’s humpback whales that are not widely known,” said Kelly King, Maui County Council Chair. “The exhibit will serve as a valuable cornerstone for Hawaiʻi’s whale experience, enabling residents and visitors to enjoy the beauty of humpback whales year-round.”

Humpbacks of Hawai'i

“Humpbacks of Hawaiʻi” offers a new and exhilarating dimension to Maui’s famous whale watching season, breaking the barrier of the ocean to bring guests eye-to-eye with Maui’s humpback whales in their home beneath the waves.

Humpbacks of Hawaii Exhibit & Sphere

South X Southwest (SXSW) has heralded the “Humpbacks of Hawaiʻi” film as the world’s first audiovisual 1:1 recreation of existing reality. The prestigious arts, technology and culture showcase named “Humpbacks of Hawaiʻi” a finalist for the SXSW Interactive Innovation Award.

To visit “Humpbacks of Hawaiʻi” Exhibit & Sphere at Maui Ocean Center, and for more information, please visit our Contact page or call (808) 270-7000.

All filming was done in compliance with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) permits and supervision.

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