Children’s Story Time and Book Signing

HOW CARA LOST HER COLOR by Ali Miller with illustrations by Anastasia Yatsunenko

Ali Miller’s picture book, HOW CARA LOST HER COLOR, is a beautiful and moving call to action for kids and parents. In the story, Cara the coral polyp and her algae friend, Zoey, live happily alongside many other sea creatures who call the reef their home. But when human activity causes the ocean temperature to rise, Zoey must escape with her family and leave Cara behind. Can humans help bring Zoey back and save the reef?

Join Ali Miller and the Maui Ocean Center for Children’s Story Time and Book Signing on Saturday, October 26th. Story Time will be held in the Hawaiians and the Sea exhibit at 11:30 am, followed by a coral craft with our Education department. The Book Signing will be held in the Maui Ocean Treasures gift store starting at 12:00 pm where books will be available for purchase while supplies last. No RSVPs are required – anyone can join! The event is included with aquarium admission.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ali Miller is a student at the University of Hawaii, Maui College where she is studying marine biology and sustainable science management. She has earned her Marine Naturalist certifications from the University of Hawaii Maui College. Ali never expected that a career in marine education was in her future. Diagnosed with a third-degree heart block when she was thirteen months old, she had a pacemaker implanted immediately. Having a heart condition hasn’t slowed her down. In fact, she wants to inspire other people with disabilities to follow their dreams – and help the environment. Aloha!

ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATOR: Anastasia Yatsunenko is an artist and illustrator from the city of Kiev, Ukraine. She has always thought of the ocean as an unexplored universe, and although she grew up far away from the water, she loved visiting the beach with her parents as a child.

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