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Make Crustaceans Great Again!

April 19, 2017
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Anemone wielding, armor plated, bug-eyed aliens of the sea – what’s not to love about crustaceans?

The word crustacean may sound boring, but our bottom-dwelling friends are far from it! While turtles, dolphins, and whales have won the hearts of Hawaii’s residents and visitors, it’s easy to overlook our crabby friends tucked away in the reef. The thought of people being uninterested in crustaceans or unaware of their amazing abilities creates heartbreak and many restless nights for our team of marine naturalists. To remedy this dilemma, here are our staff’s top six picks to convince you that crustaceans are truly fascinating creatures!

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Symbiotic Relationships

November 09, 2016
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Author: Evan Pascual As we head into the holiday season, many people take the time to appreciate what they have in their lives while looking for ways to help those in need. But what about those little creatures that live in the sea? While they may not be able to say thank you, they definitely […]

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