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“Mac Nut” Finds a New Home

March 04, 2019
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“Mac Nut” the Giant Grouper is a recent addition to Maui Ocean Center, but her origin began on the Island of Hawai‘i. Raised at an aquaculture facility and a resident at a local resort, Mac Nut’s journey to the Maui Ocean Center brought with her an opportunity for guests to see and learn about one of Hawai‘’s lesser-known fish species.

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Seascape Cookbook

May 11, 2017
maui ocean center, things to do in maui, maui activities

What do you get when you combine two iconic Hawaiian ingredients? A timeless dish that’s guaranteed to “broke da mouth”. This easy-to-follow recipe brings together two classic ingredients, fresh mahimahi and macadamia nut, to create a beautiful entree that captures the Hawaiian flavor palate.

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