Year: 2015

Sea Talk: Hohonu Moana 2015

December 21, 2015

Maui Ocean Center’s December Sea Talk featured Dr. Chris Kelley, who presented HD photos and videos of Hawaii’s deep sea taken by NOAA ship Okeanos Explorer. Dr. Kelley, the crew of Okeanos Explorer, and scientists from around the world recently joined in to study and survey unexplored, deep-sea habitats in the Main Hawaiian Islands, the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, and Johnston Atoll. Relive the Sea Talk and view some of the images taken during this incredible journey.

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FISHmas Critters

December 10, 2015

With Christmas just around the corner, visions of candy canes and Christmas ornaments may be dancing in our heads. A holiday mood must have prevailed when certain sea creatures were named, or perhaps the creatures themselves conjured images synonymous with this special time of year.

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Meet the Hawaiian Squirrelfish

November 06, 2015

The Hawaiian squirrelfish is found nowhere else in the world except the Hawaiian Islands and Johnston Atoll. It is the only endemic squirrelfish among roughly 20 different species of squirrelfishes and soldierfishes known to inhabit Hawaiian reefs. Despite being a nocturnal fish, it is also the species of squirrelfish most commonly spotted by snorkelers and […]

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Going Green on Halloween

November 05, 2015

Author: Evan Pascual Isn’t it funny that some of the best costume ideas are only thought of days after Halloween? That wasn’t the case for Mike, a marine naturalist at Maui Ocean Center. The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing what to be for Halloween, but Mike had a “bright” idea while brainstorming […]

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Imagine you are a small shrimp scooting along the shallow sandy bottom when you’re suddenly faced with a broad mouthful of needle-sharp teeth, surrounded by what appears to be a nightmarish flame orange grin! You have just run into one of the 15 species of lizardfishes (‘ulae in Hawaiian) known to inhabit Hawaiian waters. This […]

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Coral Bleaching

October 12, 2015

If you were ever in search of a cool dip in the ocean to relieve you from the heat this summer, you may have been disappointed to find that the waters felt more like a luke warm bath rather than the comforting oasis you imagined it would be. Record-high summer temperatures have been felt across […]

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Growing up is no easy task. As a child, we quickly outgrow our clothing and shoes until we become adults. During adulthood, many of us move out from an apartment to a larger house, and those who decide to have a family may trade in their hot rod muscle car for a safer family sized […]

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Creepy Creatures Scavenger Hunt

September 30, 2015

Search for bizarre and fascinating marine creatures with strange abilities, behaviors, and appearances with our Creepy Creatures Scavenger Hunt! Download the scavenger hunt here or pick one up at the Aquarium’s Front Gate. This activity is included with Aquarium admission and appropriate for all ages. To check your answers, click here.

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We’re delighted to introduce to you Tapani Vuori, new General Manager at Maui Ocean Center, The Hawaiian Aquarium. You may recognize him as a familiar face from the Aquarium’s Maui Ocean Treasures gift shop, where he was the director of retail since 2002, and later with front gate admissions. After a total of twelve years […]

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Picture the ‘postcard view’ of Hawaii – stretches of flawless white sand beaches, glowing sunsets and a never-ending horizon of smooth calm waters. No, it’s not just Photoshop magic. There really are picturesque scenes like these around the islands. However, what we don’t get to see or we don’t realize is that the “paradise” seen […]

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