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Park Hours 9 AM - 5 PM



Since Maui Ocean Center first opened in 1998, we have dedicated ourselves to the care and perpetuation of Hawai‘i’s remarkable marine life. The animals in our exhibits are carefully collected from the surrounding waters, nurtured in our facility, and returned to the ocean.


We’re proud of our certification with the Sustainable Tourism Association of Hawaii. We take an active role in environmental conservation initiatives and constantly look for new ways to integrate sustainable principles into our daily operations. We’ve taken numerous steps to address energy, water usage, and carbon emission at the park. Our trashcans are cleverly made of repurposed shipping pallets. We encourage our guests to fill reusable bottles at our water stations and recommend reef-safe sun protection. Seascape, our on-site restaurant is a certified Ocean Friendly Restaurant.


Education is a big part of our sustainability initiative. Our tours integrate ocean science, conservation, and cultural history. Our resident biologists and cultural advisors are on hand, ready share their expertise with curious guests.We work outside the confines of our park, too. In the past we’ve hosted beach cleanups and collaborated with the County of Maui to sponsor storm-drain stenciling.

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Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Love Our Reef

Art For The Earth


Support Maui Nui Schools

Maui Ocean Center regularly partners with like-minded non-profit organizations. As a founding supporter of Maui Ocean Center Marine Institute (MOCMI), we support marine life rescue operations and coral reef restoration. MOCMI operates one of only four land-based coral nurseries in the United States and strives to protect all rare and endemic species of coral in Hawaii. The Institute’s Fishing Line Recycling Program is a community-focused initiative that seeks to prevent marine life entanglements caused by discarded fishing gear.


Our other partners include Sea Life Park Hawai‘i, Coral Reef Alliance, and NOAA.


Kuilima, meaning to join arm-in-arm, is Maui Ocean Center’s new community program that gives back to local non-profit organizations, schools, and other community groups.