Ocean Education Classroom

Presenting Ocean Edu-Tainment for Keiki

As part of our ongoing commitment to mālama kekahi i kekahi, to take care of each other, Maui Ocean Center is proud to introduce the Ocean Education Classroom – an online resource for culture and education that can be experienced from the comfort of home. Through this virtual program, we hope to provide an alternative interactive environment for families to enjoy together that is both safe and fun. Mahalo for choosing to spend your time with us!

Created in collaboration with Cultural Advisor Dane Maxwell and Kupu Productions, the Ocean Education Classroom is an online community resource featuring a Hawaiian word of the week, story readings, coloring sheets, crafts, and more. Activities are appropriate for grades K-5.

Learn Fish Anatomy Through Hula!

Hawaiian Language

Mālama (to take care of or to care for)

Kuleana (Responsibility)

Hōʻihi (Respect)

Holu (Pliable, Flexible, Resilient)

Pilina (Connection, Union, Association)

At-Home Crafts

Heʻe (Octopus)

Koʻa (Coral)


Creature Features

Join Education Director Jessica Colla and special guest ʻIhikolonahe Maxwell at Maui Ocean Center’s Wet Lab as they teach us more about koʻa (coral)!

Dive into the pelagic zone with Jessica and Paul as they introduce us to the five different species of sharks found at Maui Ocean Center’s Open Ocean exhibit!

We’re back at the Open Ocean with Jessica and Paul to learn all about stingrays!

Story Time with Uncle Jordan

Follow along with Uncle Jordan as he reads an ocean-inspired story!

Oliver the Octopus by Bonnie Lady Lee

Good Night Coral Reef

Māui Slows the Sun


Toby by Stacy Ann Nyikos

Maui Ocean Center Coloring Book

Maui Ocean Center's ocean-inspired coloring book pages are available to download below. Stay tuned as new pages will be added each week!

Mālama Kekahi I Kekahi


Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa (Reef Triggerfish)


Heʻe (Octopus)


Hīhīmanu (Stingray)


Honu (Sea Turtle)


Koholā (Humpback Whale)


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