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Through the ongoing initiative, mālama kekahi i kekahi (to take care of ourselves and each other), Ocean Aloha is an island-based marine conservation program in support of further educating our malihini (visitors) and kama`āina (residents) the importance of caring for our natural resources for future generations.

Through our host Hawaiian culture, we will celebrate the cultural and spiritual traditions from the moana (ocean) and the `aina (land) that feeds them. Through their commitment to kuleana (responsibility), learn how we all can mālama (care for) natural resources through simple and mindful sustainable practices.

The program is designed for guests of all ages, and the entire family can partake in edu-tainment including outdoor presentations, demonstrations, and interactive learning from our island grown cultural practitioners. Through storytelling, they will share their personal experiences and wisdom handed down generations.

Ocean Aloha
Tapani Vuori, General Manager
“The Ocean Aloha initiative reminds each one of us that we must embrace and care for our natural resources, whether above or below the ocean surface."

Hawaiian Cultural Exhibits & Edu-tainment

Cultural practitioner presentations and storytelling vary daily and may include i`a (fish) net weaving, traditional Hawaiian mea hana (tools), niu (coconut) weaving, wood kālai (carving), lei making, hula, and more. Daily 10am to 2pm.

Two ongoing Hawaiian cultural exhibits offer the opportunity to submerse yourself in history, culture and unique traditions that support the way of island life today. The Hawaiians and the Sea exhibit delves deep into the culture and traditions of the first Hawaiians, and their profound relationship and commitment to preserve natural resources.

Niu (Coconut) Weaving

Kaho`olawe: A Story of History and Healing, was created in collaboration with the Kaho`olawe Island Reserve Commission (KIRC) and supplemented by their previous exhibited content from the Smithsonian and Bishop Museum. Designed to show the power of change, the exhibit follows the timeline of Kaho`olawe’s development from the first settlement to current, purposeful restoration projects. Daily 9am to 5pm.

Keiki (children) and Ocean Aloha

Hale `Ike*, located at the center of the park, will be dedicated to keiki (children), kindergarten through 5th grade. Keiki can pop in any time of day and watch a myriad of marine conservation entertainment via a giant monitor. Shows include the ever popular Octonauts ® and sustainable tips by our featured 8 year old Maui Keiki Ambassadors, Imani and Liam. In addition, Hawaiian Cultural Advisor, Dane Maxwell, presents the Ocean Education Classroom featuring Hawaiian words, keiki hula, marine-themed at-home crafts, stories, and more. Parents must accompany their keiki at all times and space is based on availability. Ongoing daily from 9am to 5pm.

Ocean Education Classroom

*House of Knowledge, a place of mana (spiritual energy of power and strength), mo’olelo (stories, myths, legends and history), resources and culture

Marine Naturalists with Ocean Aloha

Maui Ocean Center’s Marine Naturalists are highly educated in our oceans’ ecosystems and inhabitants, especially the endemic marine life of Hawai’i. This passionate team share not only their vast knowledge, but also their personal ocean experiences and provide tips on how you can support marine conservation. Be sure to catch them in-park to ask your burning questions and download all (6) of their virtual presentations via in-park QR code. Available daily 9am to 5pm.  Insider tip – they might have a fossilized shark tooth or other cool memento to remember your visit. Just ask!

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Ocean Aloha
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