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T-shirts are locally designed and printed on Maui.



Step into the Maui Ocean Treasures gift shop and immerse yourself in a world of delightful souvenirs and locally made products. Discounts for Kama‘āina, U.S. Military, and Nā Hoa Kai Annual Members are valid for all products, excluding Pandora jewelry and sale items and aquarium admission is not required to shop! Simply notify the Park Entrance staff you are here for Maui Ocean Treasures.

As one of the best gift shops in Maui, the Maui Ocean Treasures gift shop offers a diverse range of souvenirs that celebrate the island’s natural beauty and marine heritage. Whether you’re searching for marine-themed jewelry, island-inspired collectibles, or eco-friendly products that support marine conservation, this world-class gift store has you covered.

Browse through the exceptional Made in Hawai’i selection and indulge in Maui’s own Fin-Tastic Fudge for a delicious island treat. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, shopping at the Maui Ocean Center gift shop allows you to find the perfect island keepsake and spread the aloha spirit to your loved ones.


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Maui's Only Pandora Retailer

Finding The Best Maui Souvenir For Your Kids

The Maui Ocean Center gift shop offers a diverse range of souvenirs that are perfect for the little ones. From plush toys of marine animals to t-shirts with vibrant ocean designs, these items allow your kids to bring home a piece of their unforgettable journey to the underwater world of Maui.


For the little marine enthusiasts, educational toys and books about marine life and ocean conservation are great choices. These items not only provide entertainment but also foster a sense of curiosity and appreciation for the natural world. Your kids can learn about the oceanic creatures they encountered at the Maui Ocean Center and develop a deeper understanding of the importance of marine conservation.


Another fantastic option is the ocean-inspired arts and crafts kits, where kids can create their own souvenirs. Whether it’s making seashell necklaces, painting marine-themed artwork, or designing their own sea creature figurines, these hands-on activities will allow your kids to express their creativity while making cherished keepsakes.


Finding The Best Maui Souvenir For Your Loved Ones

Made in Hawai’i and marine-themed treasures, making it a haven for finding the perfect island keepsake. 


At Maui Ocean Center, we are proud to be the exclusive retailer of Pandora jewelry on the island. Pandora’s philosophy of self-expression through style aligns perfectly with the spirit of Maui, where individuality and embracing one’s loves are celebrated. Each Pandora charm is a masterpiece, designed to hold significance and tell meaningful stories that resonate with its wearer.


Pandora jewelry is the perfect gift for a loved one because it allows them to express their true self through personalized pieces that reflect their passions, memories, and cherished moments. With each charm serving as a voice to the wearer’s loves, it becomes a tangible reminder of everything they are and everything they hold dear. Whether it’s a celebration of their favorite colors, a tribute to a special occasion or country, or a symbol of a beloved person or activity, each charm speaks volumes about the wearer’s unique style and experiences. Embraced with love on bracelets and necklaces, these Pandora charms become a part of the wearer’s everyday life, serving as a constant reminder of the special bond shared with the gift-giver. 


Alongside Pandora, the gift shop showcases Olukai, a premium footwear brand rooted in Hawaiian culture, and Sanuk, known for providing comfortable and casual footwear. Both companies blend traditional aesthetics with modern comfort and prioritize eco-friendly practices to support environmental and cultural preservation projects. 


The gift shop also showcases Maui Jims sunglasses inspired by the colors of Maui, featuring polarized lenses to keep your eyes protected. Denny Wong’s exquisite jewelry could also be a great option for your loved ones as his pieces are known for incorporating a palette of vibrant colors inspired by the natural beauty of Hawai’i and his own love for the islands. 

Some Of Our Best Selling Gifts

Pandora Jewelry

  • As the exclusive retailer of Pandora on the island, Maui Ocean Center’s gift shop features a collection of customizable charms, bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces, allowing visitors to create unique and meaningful pieces.

Live Ocean Aloha Wear

Recently launched, the “Live Ocean Aloha” wear line includes eco-friendly clothing and products that supports marine conservation and island sustainability.

Fin-Tastic Fudge

Maui’s Fin-Tastic Fudge, a locally made treat, is a sweet delight that makes for a perfect souvenir or gift.

Maui Ocean Treasures

The gift shop offers a diverse array of locally made products, including jewelry, clothing, coffee, honey, body care, and more, celebrating the beauty of Maui and its marine heritage. These items make meaningful keepsakes for visitors and thoughtful gifts for loved ones.

mailto:shop@mauioceancenter.comContact us to assist you with your personal shopping and shipping options: (808) 270-7061 or email us


Aquarium admission is not required to shop. Simply notify the Park Entrance staff you are here for Maui Ocean Treasures.

Discounts for Kama‘āina, U.S. Military, and Nā Hoa Kai Annual Members are valid for all products, excluding Pandora jewelry and sale items. It cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.


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