Year: 2015

11 Ways You Can Save Our Seas!

January 22, 2015

1. Coral and other creatures are alive. Avoid stepping on or touching coral. If you must stand, stand on the sand. 2. Choose non-chemically enhanced pesticides and fertilizers. Although you may live far from a coral reef ecosystem, these products end up in the watershed. 3. Invasive species of algae and fish can introduce disease […]

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Behind-the-scenes can be an exciting place to be! Although rarely accessible to the general public, this area was opened to a few scientists in 2014 to facilitate studies on different types of sea urchins. In March, Jason Hodin In March, scientist Jason Hodin conducted an experiment at Maui Ocean Center to study the metamorphic stages […]

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How is it that an organism comprised of 95% water which also has no head, no heart and no brain turn out to be such a complex and interesting creature?   Consider the moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) with its large saucer shaped transparent bell. Thought to have been accidentally introduced to the Hawaiian Islands, it now […]

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