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Sea Shepherds

April 10, 2017
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Lawai‘a were highly skilled and greatly respected in Hawaiian society. They were trained to understand cloud formations, ocean currents and wind direction, moon phases, and star patterns. But the lawai‘a did not always look to the sky to find fish – the answer would often come with the aid of the ‘ōpelu māmā.

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maui ocean center, things to do in maui, maui activities

What role do humpback whales have in Hawaiian culture? Despite their popularity, some research suggests that another whale may have played a larger role than the mighty humpback.

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Planting Kalo

July 14, 2016

Author: Evan Pascual On Friday July 8th, Maui Ocean Center celebrated the planting of kalo, the Hawaiian name for taro. Taro is a vegetable plant, producing a starchy tuber oftentimes used to make poi. Kalo requires great cultivation and care; Hawaiian culture describes the relationship between farmers and their kalo as if the plants were […]

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