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Merry Fish-mas from the Maui Ocean Center!

December 23, 2019
Ornate Wrasse

Given the number of marine animals with festive names and traits synonymous with the holidays, it’s not difficult to imagine what Christmas would look like on the reef. In the spirit of the season, here are our top picks of animals that creatively remind us of the holidays.

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Against the Current

November 02, 2019
'O'opu akupa

Hawai‘i’s freshwater streams are home to five endemic gobies known as ‘o‘opu found nowhere else in the world. These stream-dwelling animals have the incredible ability to travel from sea to stream, while some species scale massive waterfalls. But the ‘o‘opu must navigate through turbulent waters on their long road to recovery, the result of stream diversion and channelizations in Maui.

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Coral Reef Alliance, Watershed Management

“Ridge to Reef” is a cultural and ecological understanding that what happens in the mountains can affect the ocean below. Learn how the Coral Reef Alliance, its partners, and volunteers are using Best Management Practices to mitigate the effects of sedimentation on coral reefs in West Maui.

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maui ocean center, things to do in maui, maui activities

Maui Ocean Center has appointed Toni Rojas as the new Director of Marketing. Dynamic and community-centric, Rojas joins the Aquarium as an award-winning, results-driven executive strategist with proven performance in Hawai‘i sales. With a skillset ranging from business development to marketing communication, Rojas is renowned for her creative approach to community engagement.

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Maui Ocean Center recently welcomed the birth of two male grey reef shark pups. Learn about what goes on behind the scenes when caring for newborn sharks at the Aquarium.

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