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Get the most out of your Maui Ocean Center experience with our team of expert marine naturalists!

MOC’s naturalists are some of the most experienced and educated scientists on-island, and they’re here to answer all of your questions! So don’t be shy — ask them anything about Maui’s incredible marine life or the natural history of the Hawaiian Islands during your next visit. They might even share some special tips and tricks on how to save the ocean from your own home!

Meet the Team
What is your favorite ocean animal?
My favorite ocean animals are octopus and tiger sharks. But I love all of the ocean animals! - Tiara

A few of my favorites would have to be spotted eagle rays, basking sharks, and Hawaiian monk seals. So hard to pick just one! - Erin
What is your favorite part of working at MOC?
Incredibly fun coworkers :) Also, watching and observing individual animal's personalities and releasing animals (coral restoration, sea turtles). - Jeff

My favorite part of working at MOC is constantly learning new things and sharing fun and interesting information with our guests! - Erin
Were you born and raised on Maui?
No, Chicago. A Marine Biologist from a land locked state, haha. - Magen

I'm originally from Oʻahu. - Jon
Where did you go to university?
University of Hawaii at Hilo. - Jon, Madi

BA - Ferrum College in VA, MS - USyd in Sydney Australia. - Jessica
What did you study at university?
Veterinary Technology Denver, CO. - Wendy

Marine Science & Hawaiian Studies. - Jon
What do you recommend for aspiring marine biologists?
Volunteer as much as you can and make connections with professionals in your field. - Magen

Get involved with your community and volunteer! Don't be afraid to branch out and try something new. - Erin
How can I help save the ocean?
There are lots of different ways!
○ Refuse or reduce your plastic consumption.
○ Do beach cleanups and pick up trash whenever you see it!
○ Use rash guards or protective sun wear when on the beach or in the water instead of sunscreen.
○ Reduce your carbon footprint.
○ Become an ocean advocate and educate others!- Tiara
Turtle Lagoon in Maui
Hawaiian Marine Life
Ocean Education Classroom
Naturalist Presentations
Ocean Education Classroom

Dive in with Maui Ocean Center’s Marine Naturalists as they introduce you to Hawaiian words, cool creatures, marine-themed stories, and fun, at-home crafts!

Creature Feature: Coral
Did you know?
Algae give coral its color! Corals have a symbiotic relationship with microscopic algae called zooxanthellae that live in their tissues. Algae provide the coral’s primary food source, thus giving them their color!
Guests can book a marine naturalist for a private tour!

Want to learn even more from these passionate ocean-lovers? Check out Maui Ocean Center’s special tours and interactive experiences! These programs allow you to dive deeper into the underwater world and engage with a real ocean scientist: Group Tours.

Virtual Presentations

Interested in learning from a marine naturalist but can’t make it to the park? No problem, our marine naturalists can share their knowledge virtually too! Complete the inquiry form below, and a member of our team will get back to you. Our Education Department offers the following virtual presentations:

  • Coral 101
  • Hawaiʻi’s Diverse Reef Fish
  • Sharks & Rays
  • Wonderful Whales
  • Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles
  • Ocean Conservation (coral bleaching or marine debris emphasis)


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