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Park Hours
9 AM - 5 PM

Park Hours 9 AM - 5 PM

Turtle Lagoon exhibit

Say Aloha To The Honu, Our Charismatic Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles!

Get acquainted with the Hawaiian green sea turtle, one of Earth’s most ancient animals. Featuring both a surface and underwater view of Hawaiʻi’s beloved honu (turtles), this exhibit has up to six sea turtles on display at all times.


Native to Hawaiʻi, the green sea turtle is the largest hard-shelled sea turtle in the world, reaching lengths of up to four feet and weighing in at over 300 pounds in adulthood.

About Our Sea Turtle Exhibit

The Maui Ocean Center takes great pride in its Turtle Lagoon, which is a dedicated area designed specifically for the care and exhibition of sea turtles. These turtles were born at Sea Life Park on Oahu. Received as hatchlings, the Maui Ocean Center raises our turtles for roughly two years until they have grown large enough to be released into the wild. 


The lagoon itself features a spacious and carefully maintained habitat that closely mimics the turtles’ natural surroundings. It incorporates elements such as rocks, plants, and a sandy bottom to create a realistic and comfortable environment for the turtles.


Educational programs and interactive displays are also available at the Turtle Lagoon, allowing visitors to gain a deeper understanding of these incredible creatures and their importance to the marine ecosystem. Through these educational initiatives, the Maui Ocean Center aims to raise awareness about sea turtles, their conservation, and the threats they face in the wild.

How We Provide A Sanctuary For Green Sea Turtles

As part of our commitment to conservation and protection, the Maui Ocean Center offers a safe and nurturing environment for these magnificent creatures. Maui Ocean Center’s dedicated team of experts ensures the health and well-being of the turtles through regular monitoring and care. They closely monitor the turtles’ behavior, diet, and overall health until they’re ready for release!


Upon release, a ceremony is performed by our Hawaiian cultural advisor and the turtles are fitted with a transponder tag for continued monitoring into adulthood.

How We Work To Ensure These Cute Sea Turtles Thrive In Hawai'i

The Maui Ocean Center is deeply committed to ensuring the thriving survival of sea turtles in the wild.

First, we carefully monitor the growth and development of sea turtles within our Turtle Lagoon. When the turtles reach a suitable size and acquire the necessary skills for survival, they are released back into their natural habitat under controlled conditions. This ensures that the turtles are well-prepared to navigate the challenges of life in the wild.

To track the progress and well-being of the released turtles, the Maui Ocean Center implements monitoring and research initiatives.

They employ techniques such as tagging the turtles with transponder tags or other identification methods, allowing them to collect valuable data on the turtles’ movements, behavior, and overall health. This information contributes to ongoing research efforts focused on understanding sea turtle populations and their conservation needs.


In addition to our direct efforts, we actively engage in community outreach and education initiatives.

By raising awareness about sea turtle conservation and the importance of protecting their habitats, we inspire individuals to become advocates for these remarkable creatures. 

Through responsible release practices, diligent monitoring and research, collaboration with experts, community outreach, and advocacy, the Maui Ocean Center strives to ensure that sea turtles not only survive but also thrive in the wild. 


The Hawaiian green sea turtles are incredible animals, and thanks to conservation efforts and enforced protection laws, the honu population that was once on the brink of extinction is now returning from the edge. Thanks to people like you, we can help them along on their recovery. 

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