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Behind the Scenes Tour

We invite you into our aquarium lab, to help feed and care for our turtles, sharks, and jellies!

Maui Ocean Center might be even more exciting behind the curtain. Indulge your inner marine biologist during an hour-long guided tour of our wet Lab, quarantine, and Turtle Lagoon. Learn about coral life cycles and how jellyfish capture prey. Watch our staff cultivate live food for resident sharks and prepare new recruits to join our aquarium family. Move on to Turtle Bay, where we raise juvenile honu (sea turtles) until they’re strong enough for release into the wild. Help feed young turtles their favorite snacks and learn what role these ancient reptiles play on the Hawaiian reef.

Assist with feeding the turtles!
Find out what hungry honu like to eat.
Touch a moon jelly!
Touch a moon jelly!
Let the slippery jellyfish slide across your fingers.
Meet the new neighbors!
Meet the new neighbors!
Get a sneak peek at the aquarium’s newest additions.

Hawaiian green sea turtles, or honu, are a federally threatened species. Maui Ocean Center is honored to participate in Sea Life Park Hawai‘i’s Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle Educational Loan Program.

Our honu hatch at Sea Life Park Hawai‘i and come to us as juveniles. As we prepare them for life in the wild, they serve as ambassadors of their species, educating guests about Hawai‘i’s extraordinary marine animals and the challenges they face.

At Maui Ocean Center, we prioritize the care and preservation of Hawai‘i’s natural and cultural resources. Sustainable principles guide every facet of our aquarium’s operation, from the propagation of rare native species to the reduction of single-use plastics, water usage, and carbon emissions.

We proudly maintain our certification with the Sustainable Tourism Association of Hawai‘i.