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Shark Dive Maui
Cultivating Connection and Respect

Cultivating Connection and Respect

Leave life on the surface behind as you descend into the pelagic realm with our Ocean Experts, where you’ll initiate a lifetime of respect and appreciation for the revered sharks of Hawaiʻi.

Shark Dive Maui is more than a thrilling experience to check off your bucket list — it’s an opportunity to understand the profound connection between the ocean’s top predators and the native people of Hawaiʻi. During this cage-free dive into our 750,000-gallon Open Ocean exhibit, everything you thought you knew about sharks will dissolve and transform into deep respect and an urge to protect.

Reserve your spot today for an intimate experience with over 20 sharks, hundreds of fish, and rays.

Why Are Sharks Important to the Ocean Ecosystem?

Sharks are known as keystone species, meaning without them, the oceans would suffer irreparable damage. There are over 500 species of sharks worldwide, and each one of them serves an essential purpose. These apex predators have keen senses to keep the oceans free from rampant disease, sickness, and decay and are one of the most significant contributors to maintaining clean waters.

How Does Hawaiian History Influence Current Day Relationships with Sharks in Hawaiʻi?
Many Hawaiian families hold a special connection with sharks and believe them to be ʻaumākua or ancestral guides who watch them from beyond the worldly realm. ʻAumākua are not only sharks and can be manifested as other animals, a sign of nature, or an inanimate object. They serve to protect Hawaiian families from harm and deliver messages to the living. In return, Hawaiians with an ʻaumakua in their families protect them and care for them. For this reason, sharks in Hawaiʻi are highly regarded and respected.

  • Monday, Wednesday or Friday reservation, based on availability
  • Approximate 3 hour experience:
    • Shark Dive Maui Hawaiian culture and connection presentation
    • Exclusive afternoon approximate 30 minute dive with Maui Ocean Center Divemaster at Maui Ocean Center’s Open Ocean tank
    • Highly personalized dive with maximum of 4 divers per day
    • Advance choice of 3 dive equipment packages
    • Wetsuit
    • Dedicated diver shower and refresh room
  • Complimentary General Admission to Maui Ocean Center for diver and up to one guest (same day, any time from 9am to 2:30pm)
  • Exclusive Shark Dive Maui t-shirt (coming soon)
  • Exclusive Shark Dive Maui luggage tag (coming soon)
  • Exclusive, commemorative personalized Shark Dive Maui certificate
  • See more details under FAQ’s


  • On-line reservations required at minimum 24 hours in advance
  • Must be 12 years of age or older
  • Diver must present proof of active SCUBA certification
  • Agreed and signed General and Rental Equipment liability form
  • Single divers are encouraged. Minimum of 2 diver packages purchased in order for Shark Dive Maui to operate.
  • Reservations are non-refundable
  • Maui Ocean Center reserves right to cancel dive or diver for any reason


Package Prices:
  • $350 per diver (includes wetsuit, weight and air tank only)
  • $400 per diver (includes wetsuit, weight and air tank, regulator, and buoyancy compensator device)
  • $450 per diver (includes wetsuit, weight and air tank, regulator, buoyancy compensator device, mask and fins
  • Nā Hoa Kai annual members receive 15% discount (not combinable with other offers)


Special Introductory Offer!
  • Experienced Shark Dive Maui before? Receive a $50 per diver credit upon check in to your dive on the day of your reservation! Just bring your dive log with you.
  • Is this your first Shark Dive Maui experience? Receive a $50 per diver credit post-dive to use next time! This discount is non-transferrable and cannot be replaced.
  • Become a Member! Our Nā Hoa Kai annual membership includes a one-time, Shark Dive Maui 15% package discount
  • Discount may not be combinable with other offers
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Shark Dive Maui FAQ's
What is the dive schedule?
Shark Dive Maui operates Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout the year, except major holidays. Check-in is required at 2:30pm (sorry, no latecomers please) and concludes at approximately 5-5:15pm. This schedule includes Shark Dive Maui briefing, host Hawaiian culture and connection presentation, shark identification, safety tips, shower time, and debriefing.

Dives are not available on the following major holidays should they fall on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday: New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Kamehameha Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
What if I forget my certification card or don't have one anymore?
If you don't have your card with you, you are welcome to call whoever you received your certification through (i.e., PADI or NAUI) and have them email proof of certification to aloha@mauioceancenter.com. You can also visit a dive shop before your reservation and ask them to look it up. In addition to your proof of certification, you will also need to provide a valid state or government-issued ID.
Can I bring a guest with me to the dive?
You sure can! You are welcome to bring one guest (12 years and older) to view your experience, complimentary.
Can I bring a camera with me on the dive?
Absolutely! You and your guests are more than welcome to bring an underwater camera along to document your experience. Photos must be for personal use only.
How deep is the dive?
You will be diving into our largest exhibit — Open Ocean. The exhibit is 21 feet at its deepest point and contains 750,000 gallons of seawater.
What type of animals will I encounter?
You will descend into our largest exhibit and swim alongside approximately 20 sharks commonly found in Hawai`I’s waters, along with rays and hundreds of fish.
How long is the dive?
The dive is approximately 30 minutes long — not including the briefing before and after.
Are there showers I can use after the dive?
Yes, we have showers for you to rinse off afterward. Remember to bring your own towel and toiletries!
Where can I store my belongings?
You are welcome to store your belongings at the Administration Office once you are checked in.
Can I fly on the same day as my dive?
No, you cannot fly or travel to the top of Haleakala due to its high elevation. Please wait a minimum of 24 hours before heading to high altitudes.
How many divers will be in the exhibit at the same time?
We take a maximum of four divers into the Open Ocean exhibit, making this an intimate introduction to the sharks of Hawaiʻi.
Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, we do! If you have completed the Shark Dive Maui experience with us previously (2020 or before), you will receive $50 off upon checking into your dive on the day of your reservation. Just make sure to bring your dive log with you. Keep in mind that you will be charged the full amount upon your initial online reservation and the credit will be given post-dive.

If this is your first dive with us and you're planning on returning, we are glad to extend a $50 discount coupon code for next time. Please note this discount cannot be transferred or replaced.

Active Nā Hoa Kai annual members receive 15% off their purchase (not combinable with any other offers). Click here to become a member to take advantage of this discount and other member benefits: Membership.
Is my dive guaranteed?
We require at least two participants to proceed with the dive. If you are the only registered diver 72 hours before your dive, we will try to reschedule you to the next available session. If we cannot rebook you, we will refund your payment.
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Liability Waiver
Shark Dive Maui Liability Waiver
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