Maui Ocean Center Partners with HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union to Encourage Kama`āina Keiki Saving - Maui Ocean Center

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Park Hours 9 AM - 5 PM

Maui Ocean Center Partners with HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union to Encourage Kama`āina Keiki Saving

July 20, 2021

JULY 20, 2021, MA`ALAEA, MAUI, HI – Maui Ocean Center’s Nā Hoa Kai (Ocean Friend) annual membership for kama`āina (Hawai`i residents) welcomes a partnership with HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union in support of Maui County keiki (children) commencing July 18 through September 4, 2021.


In support of educating kama`āina keiki (children) to start saving today for tomorrow, existing and new kama`āina Nā Hoa Kai members keiki, 4 – 12 years of age, will receive an Ocean Friend Keiki Passport activity upon admission to Maui Ocean Center.  There are 12 locations throughout the park dedicated to ancient Hawaiian rock carvings, or ki`i pohaku.  These etchings depict everyday life for ancient Hawaiians, such as family, fishing, rainbows and more.  Keiki must visit the 12 individual replica stations and rub the image with the provided rubbing tool on their Keiki Passport.


Completed Keiki Passports may then be redeemed to either of the two HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union locations, Kahului or Kihei.  Keiki, along with their parents or legal guardians may then open an Ocean Friend Savings Account (HawaiiUSA Prime Share Account) or a $5 minimum and Maui Ocean Center will match $5, for a total savings deposit of $10, for the first 100 children.  In addition, HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union will provide a free Dole Whip coupon, to be redeemed at Maui Ocean Center’s Reef Cafe by December 15, 2021.  Keiki Passports can also be redeemed for a Maui Ocean Center giveaway should they not wish to open a savings account.


“It’s so very important to encourage our keiki to practice using money responsibly, and the earlier, the better”, says Toni Rojas, CMP, Director of Marketing.  “HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union is a strong and active advocate of our island residents and our goals directly align; to enrich the lives of our community, including our future generations.”, says Rojas.


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