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Maui Photographer Daniel Sullivan Featured in Seascape Restaurant

August 26, 2021


AUGUST 26, 2021, MAʻALAEA, MAUI, HI – Maui Ocean Center’s Seascape Restaurant has partnered with photographer Daniel Sullivan to connect the public with the beauty of our island and its marine life while supporting the rescue and rehabilitation of Hawaiian green sea turtles (honu) — 20% of each sale will go directly to the Maui Ocean Center Marine Institute (MOCMI).

James Morrison, MOC’s Director of Food & Beverage and Photographer Daniel Sullivan with Sullivan’s Crystal Ball in Seascape restaurant.

A Maui resident of 17 years, Sullivan’s work is driven by his connection to the ʻāina (sacred land), makai (ocean), and the rich culture of Hawaiʻi. Before moving to Maui, Sullivan worked as a photojournalist and used his talent to document human rights issues, cultural issues, and vanishing cultures worldwide — and still does whenever he gets the chance. After settling in on Maui, he switched gears and began teaching himself the art of landscape and undersea photography.

“The first two years after I moved here, I couldn’t photograph Maui the way I wanted to because I didn’t want it to feel superficial — I wanted it to have meaning,” Sullivan explained. “It was when I started connecting with the culture and the land here that it became a lot deeper meaning for me.”

The pieces Sullivan selected to display in Seascape were captured during Maui’s COVID-19 shutdown, when the island was in its most pure and raw form. The photographs in this collection allow viewers to experience Maui’s untouched beauty in a way most have never seen with their own eyes. “This whole year has been really eye-opening and life-changing to me. Living on Maui for 8 months with no tourists gave me this amazing opportunity to photograph the island with no people,” Sullivan said. 

Sullivan’s goal is to reach a wide audience and show them what’s so different about Maui and Hawaiʻi as a whole and why it’s such a unique place that deserves to be protected. He shared that his ultimate hope is that anyone walking away from his work will “come away with a greater appreciation for our ocean life and our ʻāina here on Maui.”

In the spirit of that appreciation, Seascape restaurant will be donating 10% of every sale to MOCMI, and Sullivan will match the donation for a total of 20% of proceeds going directly to rehabilitating and revitalizing Hawaiʻi’s honu population. Pricing for Sullivan’s pieces ranges from $98-$2,400.

“Maui Ocean Center is proud to have Daniel’s beautiful photography on display at Seascape, and we’re happy to be contributing to a worthy cause at the same time,” adds Maui Ocean Center’s General Manager, Tapani Vuori.

Stop into Seascape during your next visit to Maui Ocean Center to view Sullivan’s installation, which features breathtaking island captures of tropical sunsets, happily swimming honu in crystal clear turquoise waters, and more!

To purchase Daniel Sullivan’s photography and support our honu, inquire at Seascape.

For more information on MOCMI’s efforts to protect Hawaiian green sea turtles, visit

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