Aquarist - Maui Ocean Center

Park Hours
9 AM - 5 PM

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Park Hours 9 AM - 5 PM


May 22, 2024


CLASSIFICATION: Non-Exempt, Full-Time, Part-Time

DEPARTMENT: Curatorial


Position Summary

Maui Ocean Center is currently seeking a dedicated and detail orientated individual who will provide proper care of all animals with an enhanced focus on exhibit maintenance. Must be highly skilled and a certified scuba diver. Previous aquarium experience is preferred.

Animal care

  1. Caring for the animals and documents all observed behaviors
  2. Participate in the feedings, including food preparation and observation recording daily
  3. Daily tank inspection to assess animal health
  4. Know all names, quantity and location of all animals on display
  5. Daily life support system checks of all tanks
  6. Care and maintenance of all aqua lab animals and tanks


  1. Participate in the maintenance and cleaning of tanks in the Living Reef exhibit daily
  2. Check the exhibits every day for utmost cleanliness
  3. Assist the Head Aquarist in verifying the accurateness of graphic boards team development & supervision
  4. Assist the Head Aquarist in the supervision of interns and offering inter and intra-department communication
  5. Attend daily curatorial meeting to report problems and/or concerns encountered in the tanks assigned to them and receive task assignments


  1. Report daily accomplishments, problems and concerns to the Head Aquarist
  2. Ensure service areas are kept clean and tools properly stored
  3. Participate in tours and presentations including, but not limited to Dive Link, Fins and Flippers, School and Tours
  4. Additional related responsibilities as assigned


  1. 4 year degree in Marine Biology or equivalent job experience
  2. Diver certification
  3. CPR, 1st Aid, & AED certification; and maintain current certification
  4. Pass mandated dive physical annually
  5. Knowledge of the common/Hawaiian names of fishes and inverts
  6. Able to lift and carry 50 pounds