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Common name: none 

Scientific name:  Psydrax odorata

Where to Find:  Sea level – 2700 ft. Dry shrublands and dry to moist forests

Status: Indigenous

‘Alahe‘e can grow as a shrub or a small tree, which can reach heights from six to thirty feet tall, but only grow to widths of three to seven feet.  This plant would make a great hedge comparable to that of mock orange.  It has tight clusters of small fragrant white flowers.  

‘Alahe‘e is one of the plants that fishermen would use to make spears specifically to catch octopus.  The Hawaiian word for octopus is he’e and there is a traditional connection between the two organisms.  

Did You Know?
This plant can be found naturally on all main Hawaiian islands except Ni’ihau and Kaho’olawe.