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Aloalo (Hibiscus)


Common name: Chinese Hibiscus

Scientific name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Where to Find: Cultivation only

Status: Introduced

The large vibrant flowers from this hibiscus have become a classic trademark of Hawaiʻi in popular culture. However, this plant has only been brought to the islands within the last 200 years. Hibiscus plants have been lovingly cultivated for centuries, and dozens of varieties can be found here. It is common to see people don a hibiscus flower behind their ear. If you are in a relationship, the flower is placed on the left, and if you are single, the flower is placed on the right. The larger the flower blossom, the more desperate you are for a relationship!

Did You Know?
Hibiscus blossoms only last for one day. They bloom in the morning and fall to the ground in the evening.