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Hala (Screwpine, pineapple tree, walking tree)


Common name: Screwpine Tree, Pineapple Tree

Status: Canoe Plant 

Scientific name: Pandus tectorius

Where to Find: Mesic coastal areas and low elevation mesic valleys

       This tree has a very unique look. It has a a singular trunk with multiple aerial connecting it to the ground. The leaves are blade-like roughly two inches wide and two feet long.  Most varieties have spines along the sides of the leaves, but there are a few varieties that are spineless.  Hala has both a male and a female plant. Male plants have a large white or cream colored cluster that is filled with tiny fragrant flower. In Hawaiian, these one foot clusters are called hinano. On the other hand, female plants are adorned with large segmented fruits that somewhat resembles pineapples. Female trees flower one to three times a year, whereas the males trees flower every two months. 

Did You Know?
One of the reasons why Hawai’i is associated with pineapples is because of Hala. Its fruits look similar to pineapples and are nicknamed the pineapple trees.