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Common name: none 

Scientific name: Sida fallax 

Where to Find: Sea level – 6500 ft. Rocky & sandy coasts, raised limestone reefs, lava fields, and dry to moist forests 

Status: Indigenous

ʻIlima is related to the hibiscus family. There are two forms; ‘Ilima kū and ‘Ilima papa. ‘Ilima kū grows to around five feet, but can reach upwards of ten feet. On the other hand, ‘Ilima papa only grows a mere twelve inches tall. It is an important ground cover species that prevents erosion, especially in dry coastal areas. 

Both varieties have a beautiful yellow/orange flower with extremely delicate petals. These flowers were used in lei making and required hundreds of these tiny flowers to create a single lei, making them a precious lei to receive.

Did You Know?
In 1923, the ‘Ilima flower was designated as the flower of Oʻahu (each island has a flower and a color).