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Pua Kenikeni (Perfume Flower, Ten Cent Flower)

Pua Kenikeni

Common name: Perfume Flower, Ten Cent Flower

Scientific name: Fagraea berteriana

Where to Find: Cultivation only

Status: Introduced

This species is naturally found in the South Pacific and was brought to the Hawaiian Islands in the 1930s. This plant quickly became popular in lei making due to its beautiful and fragrant blossoms. You will not find this plant in the wild, as it only grows where it is cultivated and has not naturalized. In ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian language), “pua” translates to “flower” and “kenikeni” means “ten cents.” 

Did You Know?
When first introduced to the islands, a single blossom from this plant would cost you one dime, which is why it is now commonly known as the “ten cent flower."