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‘Ūlei (Hawaiian Hawthorne, Hawaiian Rose)

This common species does best in dry and sunny conditions. Too much rainfall hinders its ability to flower. Young flexible branches could be bent into loops to create a base for fishing nets, and older sturdier branches can be made into ʻōʻō (digging sticks), octopus fishing spears, and ʻūkēkē (simple string instruments). Even though this species is indigenous and found elsewhere in the world, 3 of its relatives are endemic to Hawaiʻi. These include two types of raspberry as well as a species of strawberry. ʻŪlei berries are edible, and taste like rose petals!

Be careful how you pronounce the name of this plant! If you don’t emphasize the ‘i’ at the end (ooleyee), the similar pronunciation translates to a certain part of the male anatomy!

common Name

Hawaiian Hawthorne, Hawaiian Rose

Scientific Name

Osteomeles anthyllidifolia



where to find

Coastal cliff sides, low to mid elevation mesic forests, dry shrubland

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