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The team at the Maui Ocean Center is passionately dedicated to education and fostering wonder, respect, and understanding of Hawaii’s marine. Our desire is to partner with other like-minded individuals who wish to help restore and protect our marine environment for healthy reefs and life for all.

To learn more or be added to our volunteer network, email marketing@mauioceancenter.com.


Turning the Tide on Marine Debris

In 2016, Maui Ocean Center adopted a 2-mile section of Honoapi‘ilani Highway from the Aquarium to McGregor Point. This initiative was created to malama, meaning to care for, the land and sea around Ma‘alaea. Every quarter, employees and volunteers from the community gather to remove land-based litter along the highway while a team of Aquarium divers conduct an underwater cleanup of the nearby coral reefs.

Whether you’re looking for volunteer opportunities or simply want to take action to better our environment, Maui Ocean Center welcomes you to join the team and work together to malama the land and sea. Sign up today at marketing@mauioceancenter.com

Next Cleanup: Sunday, January 14, 2018


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